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Third-grade Students Study "Fast Plants"

T.E.S. Third Graders are studying an AMSTI Science Unit on Plant Growth & Development. Last week, all students planted their own Wisconsin Fast Plant. The Wisconsin Fast Plant is a small, yellow-flowered plant that whizzes through its entire life cycle, from seed to seed, in just six weeks.

Fast Plants are rapid-cycling members of the crucifer family of plants, closely related to cabbage, turnips, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables. Originally from Nepal, this plant was brought to the US by a scientist interested in its unusual growth. Bred for over 30 years at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, by Professor Paul H. Williams, Fast Plants today require little more attention than continuous fluorescent light, water, and fertilizer. The seeds that the TES students grow in their classrooms can be immediately planted or stored for up to 10 years in a refrigerator. Scientists are studying this fast-growing plants as a ready source of food for an exploding population.

TES students will be observing, watering and measuring their plants on a weekly basis, learning how to thin and transplant the plants for optimum growth. In addition, they will learn how important bees and pollination are to the plants. Teachers will use dried bees for the students to do a mock pollination. Students will observe pollen on the bees through the use of magnifying glasses.

Finally, students will learn about harvesting seeds. They will all do a "Seed Hunt take-home activity". This consists of students finding four different seeds from various places. They will glue their seeds on a sheet that will be provided for them. They will have to tell where they found the seed and its source. Then they will return the sheets to school. This activity helps to improve the students' ability to observe and compare a variety of seeds. After completing the study, students will be allowed to take their plants home. As a result of the study, teachers hope students will have a better understanding of how plants develop and grow. But more importantly, teachers hope they will develop a love of gardening.

Mrs. Shelia Lucy set up the Science lab for the teachers, and Caleb Clardy helped students to plant the flowers.

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