Thomasville High School

New registration process for THS athletes available through Dragonfly

Dragonfly flyer 5-22-2020 Attention Parents of THS and TMS athletes: the AHSAA has a new registration process that requires parents to add their child to "Dragonfly" for eligibility. Please see the attached flyer on instructions to set this up. It’s easy and there is an app you can download. This will allow the parent to upload forms, check eligibility and various other things regarding their child.
Please do this ASAP!! This is IMPERATIVE for your child being able to complete in sports. Call, text, or email any of the coaches if you need help.
THS football workouts begin June 8.

Board approves revised 2020-2021 school calendar

Revised 2020-2021 school calendar The Thomasville City Board of Education approved May 19 a revision of the 2020-2021 school calendar based on recommendations from state superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey.
Classes begin Aug. 17; the Christmas/New Years break is Dec. 21 to Jan. 1, 2021; students return on Jan. 6; Spring Break is March 22 to 26; THS graduation is May 22; and the Last Day for Students is May 27.
Important dates for grades 7 to 11

College Signing Day video for Thomasville High School Class of 2020


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Special message for Class of 2020 from Kyle Ferguson, THS principal 5-7-2020

Members of the Thomasville High School Class of 2020:
I hope you are doing well. By now, most of you have received your Senior Tribute yard signs…still have a few left to deliver. I also want to make sure you are aware that your pictures are being displayed on the digital billboard on the south end of town in front of WJDB, compliments of the Thomasville Chamber of Commerce (18 Seniors each week are being displayed).
Let me begin by telling you all how much we have missed seeing each of you! I know I speak on behalf of the entire THS Family when I tell you how sorry we are that you have been deprived of so many special memories that should have been part of this milestone in your lives.
In addition to traditional events that you’ve had to miss (Prom, Awards Day, Senior Breakfast, Spring Sports, TES walk-through, etc…) you’ve also had to endure being separated from your classmates and THS Faculty. Please know that we love you, and that we share your grief as we all try to absorb the reality of this unprecedented event in our lifetime.
It’s important that we accept the fact that we will face obstacles and adversity throughout our lives, and that there are many lessons that we learn as a result of facing them. It’s just as important that we make sure that we don’t dwell on them, and look to the future for better days ahead!
Since the initiation of the school closure, we have been looking at the CDC’s guidance on a daily basis as it relates to social distancing. We have been preparing for several graduation ceremony options based on the weekly updates we have been receiving on best practices.
After our latest briefing from Dr. Mackey, State Superintendent of Education, we have settled on a final plan for graduation that adheres to the guidelines that we’ve been given. We will have our graduation ceremony on May 17 at the Thomasville Civic Center. We have chosen to have the ceremony on that Sunday to accommodate families, work schedules, and due to the fact that our churches are still unable to conduct traditional worship services with congregations present. Most churches are conducting virtual services that can be viewed at your convenience. We have planned an event that will ensure that each of you graduate with dignity in the presence of your family.
We will also produce a video which will be inclusive of each member of the THS Class of 2020 participating in the ceremony. We will provide more details in upcoming communications. Please take note of the following guidelines of the graduation ceremony plan…
• You will receive a detailed schedule of when you are to report to the Civic Center. It is imperative that you are on time. If you are late, you will not be allowed to participate on May 17.
• The ceremony will be memorialized by a video, photograph of diploma presentation, and a cap and gown picture taken by a professional photographer for each graduate. Your guests may take photos as well, but must do so without interrupting the flow of ceremony.
• Each graduate will be allowed to have six guests. This includes children. No exceptions.
• Only two vehicles will be allowed per graduate. This will be a drive through process, and vehicles of the graduate and his/her six guests will be parked in the drive-through at the main entrance while participating in the ceremony. This process will take less than 10 minutes.
• Graduates and guests must remain in vehicles until asked to exit and enter the Civic Center.
• We will be lining up vehicles to move forward as soon as graduates and guests exit the Civic Center following individual ceremonies. This will have to move quickly and continuously to ensure that each graduate gets his/her allotted time.
• No one will be allowed to remain on site following individual ceremonies. It’s important that you are here on time, but not too early. Being late is not acceptable. We will have a staging area near the City Gym, and THS faculty stationed there to help line cars up in the proper order.
• If anyone in your party needs special accommodations, please notify us by Wednesday, May 13th.
• We prefer that guests wear face masks. We will be conducting thermal scanning of all participants prior to allowing entrance into the Civic Center. It is imperative that anyone showing symptoms (fever, cough/shortness of breath, headache, sore throat, etc…) not attempt to participate in the ceremony.
• If you would like to take pictures in your cap and gown outside at the Civic Center, you will need to do that on Saturday. No one will be allowed to pose for pictures at the Civic Center the day of graduation.
• We will still follow the same guidelines for dress code that were communicated to you at the Senior meeting held in March.
Please understand that the guidelines provided within this plan are designed to honor and celebrate your achievement, while also adhering to the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control in order to keep you safe.
Please take note of the following important dates for the Class of 2020:
May 13 - Senior debts paid in full;
May 14 - Senior computers turned in (we will send turn-in schedule soon);
May 14 - All Senior work is due;
May 15 - All Senior grades will be posted by 10AM
May 17 - Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony at the Thomasville Civic Center (schedule coming soon).
• Seniors, please keep checking your emails, the THS website, facebook, etc… for updates and information. Thank you for being such an incredible blessing to all of us! It has been our honor to serve you! We love you all!


Allen chosen as TMS principal

Ashley Allen

By Barry H. Hendrix

Ashley Allen has been chosen as the new principal of Thomasville Middle School.
The Thomasville City Board of Education approved the hiring April 28 in a meeting in the Thomasville High School Library.
He has served in the last two school years as assistant principal at THS.
“My reaction to being chosen as the next principal of the Thomasville Middle School can’t be summed up with just one word,” Allen said. “I’m elated and very excited about being the new principal of the middle school and being so at such a great time. Yes, we are dealing with unprecedented and unpredictable times, but we, as Thomasvillians, can be excited about the reopening of our beloved middle school.
“I hope to bring a new style of strong, consistent, compassionate and creative approach to leadership. I plan to be an effective leader by changing the “I” statements into “WE” statements. I plan to initiate this by collaborating with community stakeholders, teachers, parents and students to ensure that “WE” are all a part of this wonderful opportunity to make our Thomasville Middle School one of the best learning environments in the state of Alabama.
“I can’t express how I have enjoyed serving as your assistant principal and athletic director at the high school for the last two years,” Allen said. “The teachers, students, parents and the community as a whole, have been very supportive and respectful during this journey. I pray that our relationships continue to build and become even stronger as we strive to remain on one accord to do the best for our children of this community.
“I was a child of this community, and I hope that my deeply rooted history in Thomasville can help us come together to build a united front against the world’s distractions and other adversaries that attack the educational process. In my opinion, this is the only way that “WE” can protect and provide our students with the tools needed to be successful.
“It is my prayer that everyone stays safe and takes care of each other during these trying times,” he said. “Patience will be the key, and I can’t wait to join you, the great community of Thomasville, as “WE” move forward to greater things to come for our school system.”
Allen was raised by grandparents Henry and Esmeraldo Smiley. His father, Reginald Allen, was born and raised in Thomasville and currently resides in Tampa, Fla.
A graduate of THS, he comes from a family of educators. His late mother, Coilet Smiley, was an educator, and his grandmother Esmeraldo was an educator at Clarke County High School for 32 years.
His grandfather, Henry Smiley, was a former head of the Thomasville school board, a coach, and principal at Coffeeville High School. He retired from the McMillian Blodel paper mill in Yellow Bluff.
Alberta (Smiley) Dixon, the current Thomasville City Mayor Pro-Tem and a former educator, is Allen’s grand-aunt. Allen is the cousin of Charles Allen, a long time member of the Thomasville City Council.
Allen and his wife, Bridgett, have a daughter, Raven-Rose Coilet Allen, age 4. Bridgett Allen works in human resources at GD Copper.

Information available on pandemic meal replacement benefits

Alabama has announced that it will provide COVID-19 Pandemic Replacement Meal Benefits (P-EBT) to over 407,000 Alabama school children. These funds will be based upon the student’s free and reduced meal eligibility status at their enrolled school system. Thomasville City Schools is aware that many families’ incomes have changed in the past few weeks.  Any household whose income has changed due to COVID-19, may submit a Free and Reduced Meal Application online for school year 2019-2020. If a child qualifies for benefits, then the family is eligible to continue receiving meal benefits for the first 30 days in school year 2020-2021. Also, it is possible for the family to be eligible for the P-EBT benefits for the applicable months. Thomasville City Schools online free and reduced meal application may be accessed at  Application results will be sent to households via regular mail.  

If you have any question or would like to request a paper application please contact Emily Thornton at  

Update from Kyle Ferguson, THS principal

April 20, 2020

Hello Tiger Family!
I hope everyone made it through our weather event last night without any major problems. I know our teachers have been in touch with many of you as they’ve monitored our students’ progress, and we are working daily to continue to solve problems as they arise. I want to continue to encourage you to communicate frequently with your child’s teachers to assist them with making sure that your child is keeping up with assignments.
As we approach the last two weeks of the month of April, I want to share a few reminders and suggestions with you as we continue to navigate through the virtual school experience during the COVID-19 crisis.
Have your student show you what they are working on, whether it’s PLATO, or assignments through Google Classroom. Familiarize yourself with the platform they are working from so you have a grasp of what is expected of them, and how to monitor progress.
Give your student a schedule to work on classwork…it’s much harder for them to get immediate assistance from teachers if they are working on assignments at odd hours…remember that our teachers are operating at home, and are making themselves available during normal school hours as much as possible.
Remind your student that completion of coursework is not optional…students who do not complete assigned work are very likely not to pass classes. This will result in repeating the entire course, and will also have a negative impact on their GPA…which is tied to many terrific opportunities in the upcoming school year.
If you are having any computer issues, please reach out to Ms. Ledkins, or Mr. Norton. They have made themselves very available to address the tech needs of our students.
If your student is a Senior, and is taking a class required for graduation, they will not graduate if they don’t successfully complete the course. We don’t want to see this happen to anyone!
Check the website regularly…we will be posting very important information related to scheduling for next school year this week…likely tomorrow. You and your student will need to familiarize yourselves with the information we are providing in order to request the appropriate classes, and take advantage of some incredible opportunities that we will have next year. Remember that what you do for the remainder of this school year will have a direct impact on the opportunities you will have access to next year…TAKE CARE OF THAT GPA!!!
Again, please stay in touch with our teachers through email. We are here to assist you in any way that we can! Have a great week, and GO TIGERS!!!
THS Top Ten for Class of 2020
Work Based notice 4-7-2020

Straight Talk customers can receive benefits during Covid-19 outbreak

Straight Talk logo

If students and/or parents have Straight Talk wireless service, they should be aware of the free wi-fi service being offered at this time.

Update from Ferg 4-6-2020

Hello Tiger Family,
Hope you’ve all had a restful weekend, and are adjusting well to our recent “stay at home” order. It was good to see many of you as you drove through to pick up meals, and hope to see you again on Wednesday for our last meal distribution day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
I also hope you’ve had a chance to see the letter that was posted on the THS website explaining our plan as we move forward. I want to take this opportunity to revisit some of the expectations after hearing from a few of you who had some clarifying questions today….
We need to hear from EVERYONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS AT HOME. If you don’t have internet access at home, this does not excuse students from doing assignments provided by their teachers through Google Classroom, or other online platforms that ALL of our students are familiar with.
Refer to the letter posted on the THS website for FREE wifi access points located throughout the community. We will have paper copies available for pick-up for those that insist on having them, but we believe that utilizing one of the free wifi access points is safer, more efficient, and allows your student to use the device that has been issued to them, while staying at home. If they can come pick up a paper packet, then they can just as easily come download assignments and take them home without ever getting out of a vehicle.
I hope this helps clarify any questions about that option. Again, we will provide paper copies, but would like to avoid exposing anyone to potential risks associated with COVID-19.
If you have internet access, or can use your hotspot on your phone to give your computer wifi access, you will be completing the remainder of the classes you are in through the PLATO platform. Your teacher will inform you if their class will not be conducted through PLATO (classes such as PE, THEATER, ALG II/TRIG, etc…). Again, your assignments for these classes will be downloaded from Google classroom, or some other online platform. You are to contact your teacher via email with any questions you may have.
Also, if you are having problems with your PLATO classes, contact your teacher via email.
Please keep the questions coming as they arise. We want to make this process as seamless as possible as we progress towards the end of the year.
Also, please follow all recommended safeguards that are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I’m sure that by now, many of you are aware of someone you know personally that has been impacted directly by the virus. Stay in touch, and most importantly, stay safe. GO TIGERS!!!


Important message from Kyle Ferguson, THS principal 4-2-2020

Wifi info 4-2-2020

Hello Tiger Family!
I hope this correspondence finds you and your family doing well, and that you are taking the precautions necessary to stay safe. The TCS Administrative staff returned to work this week to discuss our plans in moving forward with the remainder of the school year. As difficult as this event has been for our entire state, nation, and worldwide community, we are thankful that at TCS, we are blessed to have the resources available to be able to implement a plan to insure that our students can continue learning, and finish the 2019-2020 school year with the opportunity to be taught all essential standards in the classes in which they’ve been enrolled.
We spent all of yesterday conducting virtual meetings with our faculty to discuss the details of our plans to move forward. Our teachers met virtually with their Department members today in order to iron out details on how they will deliver individual content to students who may have a variety of barriers that require that we work beyond traditional methods of instruction. It is our goal to meet the needs of every student.
We will end the week tomorrow with all-day virtual training for our teachers on implementing online instruction through our PLATO platform. This is one of several digital tools that our team has access to.
I can say without reservation, that the THS faculty is laser focused on making sure our students can experience success as we work to finish strong over the next six weeks! I have certainly been pushed out of my comfort zone, which has resulted in my own professional growth…and I think I’m safe in saying that our teachers feel the same way as we’ve collaborated to explore new ways to meet the needs of our students.
There are several aspects of our plan that need to be clearly communicated to parents and students in order to insure that our students can be successful. One thing that we want to insure, is that every parent has access to student progress through the I-Now Parent Portal. Each of you should already have your username and password that was issued to you at the beginning of the school year. If you’ve misplaced this information, or forgotten it, please reach out to Ms. Brasell (, Ms. Figgers (, or Ms. Smith (, and they will send that information to you. This is also how you will view your student’s report card.
We have also been working to get an accurate idea of how many of our students DO NOT have internet access at home. As you know, we’ve been using extensively, our new communication tool known as SCHOOL STATUS. A message was sent to all households, with a request for you to respond, in order for us to determine how many students do not have valid contact information. We received responses from approximately 90 percent of our parents, confirming that we have a means to communicate vital information about our plans over the next six weeks.
After looking at the list of those that did not respond, we saw several names that we know are receiving the messages, but simply did not respond. PLEASE, take a moment to confirm receipt of our communications if you are getting them. Our teachers will begin attempting to make contact with the parents who did not respond in order to insure that we have open lines of communication with every household.
Every student at THS has been issued a Chromebook, and is very familiar with the use of this device as an instructional tool. While we are planning to provide paper copies of class assignments at two-week intervals, we want to strongly encourage students who don’t have internet access at home, to take advantage of FREE WIFI ACCESS POINTS LOCATED THROUGHOUT OUR COMMUNITY (see attachment). Teachers are prepared to use digital platforms that will allow students to periodically report to these free wifi access points, and download lessons/assignments, allowing them to return home to work on them without the need to have internet service. They don’t have to do this each day if they will simply do this two or three times per week just to download assignments.
Again, we will provide paper copies to students who are unable to do this, but hope to keep that to a minimum in order to avoid the risks that come along with handling items, and passing them along to others. In the event that you choose this option, we will schedule times for you to pick up these assignments at THS without having to enter the building…more info on a pick-up schedule next week.
It's more important now than ever before that we have a valid email address for every parent. Teachers will communicate with you through SCHOOL STATUS, and you should reach out to teachers via email. Please check the TCS website daily for announcements, as things have had a tendency to change from day to day due to this unprecedented event. By tomorrow, you should be able to look under the Parent or Student tab, and see PLATO: Student Instructions. This should help answer any questions that your student may have about navigating through this platform. Most of our students are already familiar with it, but it is very user friendly for new users.
Again, check out the attached document that lists free wifi access points if you need them. I look forward to answering any questions that you may have, and will also be eager to hear your suggestions as well.
Lastly, I want to thank the Senior Class of 2020 for your leadership throughout this entire school year. You have raised the bar for those that will come behind you, and have taken care of your legacy. I know that none of us anticipated a pandemic illness to come along and turn the Spring of your Senior year upside down, but please have faith in knowing that there are great days ahead for each of you. I am praying that we are able to have a graduation ceremony at some point. We will do everything within our control to make that happen. Facing adversity makes us stronger…it’s important that we learn from it, but let’s not dwell on it. DON’T WASTE THIS DAY!!!
More information to come...GO TIGERS!!!

Message from Garth Moss, superintendent of Thomasville City Schools


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Student computer notice 4-1-2020
Ivey declaration 3-26-2020

All-Academic Team and Elite Spring 2020

Varsity cheerleaders 20-20-2021
Middle school cheerleaders announcement 3-6-2020

Message from Kyle Ferguson, THS principal 3-3-2020

Hello Senior Parents!

I hope you are having a fabulous day!  I met with Seniors on Monday to encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity to attend the event known as Worlds of Opportunity.  Ms. Brasell provided this information to all Seniors on Feb. 24, but very few have returned the forms, or shown interest in attending.  I am hopeful that many of our Seniors will take a serious look at participating in the event due to the fact that many local employers who provide high wage jobs/careers, will be there to share information and answer any questions that our students may have. 

This is a great opportunity for our students! 

I've attached the forms that Seniors were given, and were made available to them in the front office (just in case they never made it home with them).  We've extended the deadline to tomorrow, March 4th, in the hope that more Seniors will take advantage of this opportunity to explore incredible careers in our local area.  Please give us a call if you have any questions.  Have a great evening, and GO TIGERS!!!

Signing ceremony held for Pledger

Pledger signing ceremony A scholarship signing ceremony was held Feb. 27 in the Thomasville High School library for senior Preciouse Pledger, a member of the THS Lady Tigers basketball team, who will play for the Coastal Alabama Community College Sun Chiefs Women's Basketball Team in Bay Minette.

THS student selected as president of state student thespian board

Thespian student Maggie Scarbrough recognized Maggie Scarbrough, a junior at Thomasville High School, was selected 2020-2021 president of the student thespian officer board of the Alabama Educational Theatre Association during the recent state thespian festival at Vestavia Hills High School. She currently serves as secretary.

THS students earn thespian awards

THS students earn thespian awards

Seventeen Thomasville High School students recently attended the state thespian festival.
Students watched plays, participated in workshops, and received feedback on their own dramatic endeavors during the two-day event Feb. 14 and 15 at Vestavia Hills High School.
• Aaliyah Hollis received a superior rating on her solo vocal piece.
The following students received excellent ratings:
• Chloe Shoemaker – monologue;
• Payton McLean – monologue;
• Summer Dailey – monologue;
• Amelia Jordan/Chloe Drinkard – duet musical;
• Maggie Scarbrough/Paul Gramelspacher – duet acting;
• Madison Woods/Ashauntys Arnold – duet acting.

Pictured are (seated) Payton McLean, Chloe Drinkard, Amelia Jordan and Paul Gramelspacher; (standing) Ashauntys Arnold, Madison Woods, Maggie Scarbrough, Chloe Shoemaker and Aaliyah Hollis.

2020 THS Mid-Year Graduation

Valuable info for 2020 THS Prom on April 18


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THS students are finalists in essay contest

Essay finalists 1-24-2020 Congratulations to THS students Aaliyah Hollis and Kaelyn Dailey, who are finalists in the Clarke-Washington Electric Membership Corporation Youth Tour Essay Contest. They will be competing for the opportunity to attend the Youth Leadership Conference in Montgomery and Washington D.C.

FBLA chapter officers announced

FBLA officers 1-22-2020 A meeting was held Jan. 22 for the Thomasville High School chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Officers were announced: Amaya Carswell (Reporter); Ashanti Champion (Secretary); Zykedria Easley (Vice President); Shartavia Austin (President); and Collin Woods (President).

Coopwood selected for Leadership Academy

Abigail Coopwood photo Abigail Coopwood, a 10th grade student at Thomasville High School, have been selected for the Capstone Leadership Academy, which will be held in March 5 and 6 at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.
The Capstone Council, an alumni group composed of former Capstone Men and Women, the Office of the President, and the Honors College, host an annual Capstone Leadership Academy focused on "Values, Vision and Voice." One hundred-fifty outstanding high school sophomores from across Alabama, who have shown an interest in leadership through service, are selected to participate in this spring event.

School officials speak to the loss of a member of the THS Tiger family

“Our hearts are heavy today due to the loss of one of our beloved students,” said Kyle Ferguson, principal of Thomasville High School. “Gavin Pugh, a Senior at THS, was tragically killed this morning (Jan. 8) in a traffic accident on his way to school. Please remember his family, classmates, and teachers in your prayers as we all struggle to deal with his loss.

“I would also encourage you to discuss this event with your student in order to help them process the intense emotions that they may be experiencing due to the untimely loss of a classmate. This can be so hard to understand, especially for teens and adolescents. Please reach out to us at THS if you feel that your student may be in need of additional support, or grief counseling, so that we can provide that resource for them.”

Garth Moss, superintendent of Thomasville City Schools, also spoke regarding the death of the student. “We are all deeply saddened by the tragic loss today of THS senior Gavin Pugh,” he said. “There are no words to express the sense of loss that our school is experiencing this morning, Thomasville is a family and when one hurts, we all hurt.

“We appreciate and covet the prayers of everyone for Gavin’s family and for his classmates and teachers,” the superintendent added. 

Marine Corps Lt. Col. speaks to THS seniors

Marine Corps Lt. Col. speaks to THS seniors Lt. Colonel Kenny Gaines of the U.S. Marine Corps was the guest speaker Jan. 8 at an assembly for seniors in the Thomasville High School cafeteria. Gaines is a 1995 graduate of THS and a native of the Lower Bashi community. He spoke to the THS students regarding his life experiences.

Note from Ferguson 12-17-19

Hello Tiger Family!
I wanted to take a moment to share some information/reminders:
• Parents are to pick up students in car line, not in the student parking lot.  This is part of our safety plan...we don't want anyone other than students in the student parking lot.
• Grades 9-12 are picked up in front of the main (high school) building, grades 7-8 are picked up in front of the middle school (C) building.
• We are not accepting visitors on campus during school hours unless they have an appointment with a school official.  Teaching and learning is our top priority as we prepare students for mid-terms and finals.
• Parents, please always sign in and out through the front office.  It's important that we know who is on campus, and when they leave.  Please don't leave through the gym, cafeteria, or other areas during the school day, but sign out through the front office.  This includes band and athletic visitors.  Again, we are talking about during regular school hours.
• Today was the deadline for students to turn in signed exemption forms.  Students who did not turn in their signed forms will not be exempted, and will be expected to be in attendance as scheduled.
• THS Basketball visits Leroy tonight, THS Wrestling is at W.S. Neal
• THS Basketball hosts Marengo County Thursday night, games start at 5PM, admission is $7.  All patrons will enter through the double doors on the West side of the gym lobby (doors nearest the middle school building).
• Lastly, to address an apparent miscommunication that occurred within a classroom today, we DID NOT have any incident today that compromised the safety of our students and staff.  We simply went door to door checking to make sure all doors are closed and locked at all times, and reminded teachers to always be vigilant, and to notify the front office immediately if they saw someone on campus who was not a student or staff member.  This is the time of year when former students tend to show up, and want to visit with teachers and friends, bring gifts, or just drop by when they are home from college.  We reminded everyone personally today that we are not allowing visitors to wander the campus and interrupt classes.  Having a safe and orderly school is the foundation that all else is built upon.  These are non-negotiable expectations for the entire Tiger Family!  
Please don't hesitate to give us a call or send an email if you have any questions.  Email is the best way to get in touch, so please make sure you provide an email address if you are having to read this message from the website, rather than your email account.  Thanks, and have a great evening!  GO TIGERS!!!

Christmas Party held for THS 'Geek Squad'

Greek Squad Christmas 12-11-19 A Christmas Party was held Dec. 11 for the 2019-2020 Thomasville High School "Geek Squad" in Building C. This group of select seventh grade students are learning about computer hardware and software and receiving introductory computer science instruction from sponsor Scott Manns Sr., Technology Help Desk Manager/Technician for the Thomasville City Schools District. Pictured are Scott Manns Sr., Walt Anderson, Ira Scott Manns Jr., MaKayla Woods, Kendra Welch, Kamryn Harper and Lakedra Hattaway.

Officers for THS chapter of NTHS recognized

NTHS officers 12-3-19 Officers for the THS chapter of the National Technical Honor Society 2019-2020 have been announced: Paxton Westbrook, president; Haven Collins, vice president; Gabi Watts, secretary; Brianna Crim, treasurer; and Maryanna Morris, reporter.

Officers for Future Teachers chapter announced

Future Teachers officers 12-3-19 Officers for the THS chapter of Future Teachers of Alabama have been announced: Gabi Watts, president; Sarah Kynard, vice president; and Haven Collins, secretary.

2020 TCS Yearbooks on sale

The Thomasville City Schools District 2020 Yearbook is now on sale for $45 through Jostens website:
The 2019 Yearbooks will be delivered in September. Extra yearbooks will be available at $55 each. 

Mu Alpha Theta officers announced

MU Alpha Theta officers 2019 The officers for Thomasville High School chapter of Mu Alpha Theta have been announced for the 2019-2020 school year: Jason Dong, secretary; Savannah Crawford, vice president; and Haven Collins, president.

THS National Honor Society officers presented

NHS officers 2019-2020 The officers for the 2019-2020 Thomasville High School chapter of the National Honor Society have been announced: Parker Adkison, secretary; Payton McLean, treasurer; Maryanna Morris, vice president; and Haven Collins, president.

Officers announced for THS Thespian Society

THS Thespian Society Officers 2019-2020 Officers of the Thomasville High School Thespian Society for the 2019-2020 school year have been announced: Ashauntys Arnold, clerk; Paul Gramelspacher, vice president; Payton McLean, president; Chloe Drinkard, media coordinator; and Maggie Scarbrough, secretary.

PARENT/GUARDIAN Contact Information Collection

THS Leo Club officers announced

The officers for the THS chapter of the Leo Club have been announced for 2019-2020: Savannah Daniels, secretary; Haven Collins, vice president; and Caleb Witherspoon, president.

Leo Club Students

Parent Survey

PARENTS and GUARDIANS: The school system needs your help!

We are in the process of conducting an evaluation of our 2018-2019 Title I and Parental Involvement programs. Therefore, we would like to know your thoughts and/ or suggestions. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. The responses will be used to improve next year’s Title I and Parental Involvement program. I you have questions about the survey or need assistance completing it, please contact Donna Calhoun, Federal Programs Director at (334) 636-9955 or Survey link:

Title I Parental Involvement Survey

Smith Scholarship Applications

For information on the Smith Scholarship, click below. 

Dual Enrollment with Alabama Southern Instructions



1.      Go to to access the online dual enrollment admissions application

a. > Programs > High School Programs > Coastal Alabama Community College Admissions Application for Dual Enrollment

2.      Click Start Your Application

3.      Complete all information with an asterisk and create a user ID and password

a.      Make note of your user ID and password

4.      Click Start Your Application

5.      Enter your Contact Information (Page 1 of 8) and click Save & Continue

6.      Enter your Additional Addresses (Page 2 of 8) and click Save & Continue

a.      Click Same as Mailing if addresses are the same

7.      Enter your Demographic Information (Page 3 of 8) and click Save & Continue

8.      Enter your Emergency Contact/Parental Information (Page 4 of 8) and click Save & Continue

9.      Enter your Employer Information (Page 5 of 8) and click Save & Continue

10. Enter your High School Information using the dropdown menus (Page 6 of 8) and click Save & Continue

11. Enter your Intended Field of Study (Page 7 of 8) and click Save & Continue

a.      Your program of study should be General Studies NDS NDS if you are taking academic courses

b.      Your program of study should reflect your technical program if you are taking technical courses

c.       For enrollment campus, choose the Coastal campus closest to your high school

12. Review your Admissions Application (Page 8 of 8) and click Submit

a.      Any fields shaded in pink are incomplete.  Click Edit above those areas to go back to the appropriate page and complete the information

b.      If you leave a required field blank or incomplete, YOU WILL NOT SEE THE SUBMIT BUTTON.  The Submit Button only appears if the application is complete and ready for submission.  If you DO NOT click on the Submit Button, your application will not be submitted. 

NOTE: If you begin an application, you can log out and complete the application later.  You MUST have your user ID and password to do this.  Once you have successfully submitted your application, take a picture of the final screen to show your counselor.  Next, complete the Dual Enrollment Approval Form and take it to your counselor along with your photo identification.


Video message from THS Principal Kyle Ferguson on registration


<video controls muted loop id="82ca0041-d3cd-42b6-8e58-1f9e9323c182" class="video-js vjs-default-skin vjs-big-play-centered video-js-fullscreen" preload="metadata" poster="" data-setup='{ "autoplay": false, "controls": true, "muted": true, "loop": true, "loadingSpinner": true, "fluid": true, "techOrder": ["html5","flash"], "ga": {"eventsToTrack": ["start"]} }'> <source src="" type="video/mp4"> <source src="" type="video/ogg"> <p class="vjs-no-js">To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that <a href="" target="_blank" ">supports HTML5 video</a></p> </video>

2020-2021 School Year Registration

Home Portal Video


<video controls muted loop id="02f6c69f-3e7c-4ec1-844a-8cf2ea0400d2" class="video-js vjs-default-skin vjs-big-play-centered video-js-fullscreen" preload="metadata" poster="" data-setup='{ "autoplay": false, "controls": true, "muted": true, "loop": true, "loadingSpinner": true, "fluid": true, "techOrder": ["html5","flash"], "ga": {"eventsToTrack": ["start"]} }'> <source src="" type="video/mp4"> <source src="" type="video/ogg"> <p class="vjs-no-js">To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that <a href="" target="_blank" ">supports HTML5 video</a></p> </video>

CACC Canvas login

Canvas login

To login to your Coastal Alabama Canvas account:

  1. Click on the “Student Login” link at the top of the homepage – Then, click on Canvas. You will be taken to the Coastal Alabama Canvas login page.
  2. Enter your entire Coastal Alabama email address as your user ID. (Example:  You can find your Coastal Alabama e-mail address by logging in to the myCA Student Account.  
  3. For your password, enter the first two letters of your last name (first letter being capitalized) followed by your seven-digit student number. (Example: Joe Smith, Student# 1234567 – Password would be Sm1234567) 

If students don’t know their student email or student I.D, please let me know. Also, if students are having issues with their password, please have them email our Help Desk, , or give them a call at 251-580-4900


Student login link

THS Facebook

THS Student Surveys

Student Technology Access Survey 3-12-2020




Climate & Culture Survey for Middle & High School Students


Student (High School) Inventory Survey    

Important Downloads

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