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The Robotics Competition will be held in the THS gym on Saturday, Oct. 21st. Please come out and support our THS Robotics team.

THS Newsletter

THS Newsletter





Mrs. Lela Andrews- English Language Arts

This week students researched News articles alongside our short story unit on Edgar Allan Poe to see real world examples outside the classroom. Students will also be using the AVL to locate resources for argumentative writing.

Coach Stephens – U.S. History

The students are researching the line of succession during the French Revolution. They will then create a flow chart of the line of succession using Lucid Charts. 

Mr. Boyette- Band

 I use Google Classroom for all of my graded assignments (reviews, study guides, tests).

Mrs. Brewer - Algebra

Technology is used every day with our online textbooks and graphing calculators.  We use interactive practice quizzes weekly.  

Mrs. Shelander- EngineeringThis week we are using Autodesk Inventor 3D modeling software to create animations of our puzzle cubes. We are uploading the animations to YouTube so that students can publish these on their Wix websites.
 Mrs. Katherine Sparks- U.S. HistoryIn my US History II class, my students are putting together a digital notebook that focuses on imperialism in America. This notebook includes summaries, vocabulary, timelines, pictures, and an article that the students will write in the style of yellow journalism. 


Latest News

A formal ceremony was held Oct. 16 for juniors at Thomasville High School to receive their class rings. The students received the rings from THS Principal Charles Alford.
THS 2017-2018  Varsity Cheerleaders

THS 2017-2018 Varsity Cheerleaders

THS Varsity Cheerleaders are preparing for UCA

Cheer Camp. They will be traveling to the University of Alabama to compete on May 30th.


Any student grades 6-11, planning to participate in Thomasville athletics of any kind next school year...
Clarke-Washington EMC Youth Tour Contest

Clarke-Washington EMC Youth Tour Contest

Clarke-Washington EMC has been sending students from Southwest Alabama...

The Thomasville City Board of Education

The Thomasville City Board of Education approved May 24 a drug testing policy for students at Thomasville High School. This policy begins with the 2016-2017 school year.

    Thomasville City Schools Mission/ Beliefs and Goals

    Thomasville City Schools Mission/ Beliefs and Goals

    Mission/Purpose Statement: To promote lifelong learning in the 21st century...

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