School opening update from Thomasville school superintendent 7-23-2020

ATTENTION: Updated Opening Guidance for Thomasville City Schools

Students Choosing the Thomasville City Virtual Option:
I want to make it very clear that the Virtual School option will not be like it was when we finished the previous school year. Students will be required to log into their classes daily and complete their assignments. If a student does not work daily on their assignments, they will fall behind very quickly and will find it difficult to catch up.
Students may be required to schedule a time to come on campus to take a test assigned by teachers. Home internet access is vital for your child to be successful on the virtual option. Students who choose this option will be required to stay on this option for nine weeks.
NOTE: Students particularly in grades 7 to 12 choosing the Virtual option: please follow your daily class schedule.

ACCESS Option: (Only for grades 9-12)
Students who choose this option will be assigned a teacher through ACCESS. Thomasville City Schools will have no control over this teacher or the work assigned by the teacher.
Students will be required to come to campus to take any test assigned by the ACCESS teacher. The student will be required to contact the local school to schedule a time to come on campus to complete the assigned test. Students who enroll in ACCESS classes will be required to stay in those classes the entire semester.

• Students who ride a bus to school will be required to wear a mask at all times.
• Everyone entering the school will be required to wear a mask until they reach their classroom.
• Masks will be required during all class transitions.
• In any area where social distancing can not be accomplished, a mask will be required.
• We request that all student masks be a solid color or a solid color with a simple design. Any mask that is deemed offensive or distracting to others will not be allowed.
Masks that have any writing on them - other than the school name or the students' initials - will not be allowed.
• Fabrics with offensive patterns and bandanas will not be allowed.

Initial Diagnostic Screening for all Students:
All students in grades Pre-K to 10 will be required to complete an initial reading and math assessment during the first two weeks of school. Virtual students will be able to complete this screener at home.

Bus Guidance:
• All students will be required to wear a mask on the bus.
• All students will have an assigned seat that they will be required to sit in.
• Buses will fill up from the back of the bus to the front so that students will not have to walk through others as they load the bus.
• Students should use the provided hand sanitizer once they enter the bus.

School uniforms:
The school uniform policy has not changed.

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