Letter from Garth Moss, school superintendent 8-3-2020

Good Afternoon,

I wanted to update everyone on our plan to reopen school on Aug. 17. As of today, it looks like we will be able to open both in person as well as remote learning on the 17th. Our team has been working very hard to try and put all the puzzle pieces together so we can once again begin to serve our students. The majority of our teachers have received their initial training on the new learning platform called Schoology. All of our teachers and students will use this platform for both in-person and remote learning.

It looks like around 58 percent of our students will be utilizing the remote learning platform as they start school on the 17th. Please be patient as we work out any issues that may arise. I want to stress once again how important it is for your child to log on daily and stay up to date with their assignments. You will be locked into your choice (in-person or virtual) for the first nine weeks. You may choose to change your option at the end of the nine-weeks.

For our students who have chosen to do in-person learning, we will do everything possible to keep you as safe as we possibly can while you are at school. However, it is vital that parents communicate any COVID issues within their household to us immediately so we can take the necessary steps to protect all of our students. We must all be willing to work together and communicate openly to ensure everyone remains healthy and safe.

With that being said, I wanted to squash some Facebook chatter I was made aware of this morning. We have had a couple of Central Office employees who have tested positive. These employees took the proper steps and self-isolated as suggested by ADPH guidelines. These individuals had not been around any students so there was no reason to do a public announcement to everyone.
No other person in the central office had met the guidelines for self-isolation (within six feet of the infected person for 15 minutes) so everyone in the Central Office did not have to self-isolate. This was a completely different scenario than the one where we had earlier this summer when an athlete tested positive and we alerted everyone. This event was prior to the 6 feet 15-minute guide was implemented by the ADPH.
Your opinion or unsubstantiated gossip and what is actually happening is not the same thing and many times causes unnecessary panic and worry. We have pledged to be open and honest about this and every situation and will continued to do so. As always, if you have questions or concerns you can email or call the school or central office.


Garth Moss

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