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Correct contact info needed from school system parents


Thomasville Schools will be sending out a group text message to each of our families today, March 31 at noon. This is to verify we can communicate with each other as we move forward this year.

What To Do If You Do Get The Text Message:
1. Respond with a text message of "Got It" (Very important to respond)
This response will let the school know we have the correct contact number for your family.
2. No further action is needed as the school and your child's teacher will contact you with any future information.

What To Do If You Do Not Get The Text Message:
We need to update your contact information, preferably with a cell number that can receive text messages. Options for updating your information:

Option #1 - Email [email protected] your correct information.
Please include the following information in your email:
1. Student first and last name and their grade level
2. Parent first and last name
3. Cell number you wish to be used for school contact

Option #2 - Complete the "Update Contact Information" Google form. A link to this form can be found on the school website and Facebook Pages. Please fill in each question.…/1FAIpQLSeCUClJiYgU0m8iz…/viewform…

Parents, please mention this message to others you talk with. Having correct contact information is even more critical now.