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School district returns to classroom instruction only in August
By Barry H. Hendrix
Students in the Thomasville City Schools District will be welcomed back Aug. 10, 2021 for traditional in-person instruction only, said Garth Moss, Thomasville school superintendent.
Moss spoke May 25 to the Thomasville City Board of Education at its monthly meeting in the Thomasville High School Library.
The availability of coronavirus vaccines will allow Thomasville schools to return to classroom instruction for the 2021-2022 school year. There will be no mask mandate in the fall for the school system.
Sharon Buford, school board president, thanked the employees of the school system for their dedication during the pandemic. “We did have an unprecedented year,” she said, “…and the staff was outstanding. You went above and beyond to get the job done. I hope the parents know that you put forth every effort to do your best, and we got the best.
“We (the board) would like to say thank you at this time. We are excited about the school year that is coming up.”
Buford also mentioned the work of the school system Central Office. “You guys do a heck of a job,” she said.
In other action from the May 25 meeting, Avery Ford, chief school financial officer, reported that payroll for April 2021 totaled $779,983.62, and accounts payable totaled $284,324.58.
• Approximately 125 students total will attend “Summer Academy” classes at Thomasville schools, beginning June 7, Moss said. Classes, which will provide reading and math intervention, will be held from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Monday through Thursday through June 30.
There will be five school buses routes, and lunch will be served. The students in the summer program will be tested three times to track progress, the superintendent said.
Traditional summer school will also be available during June at THS.
• The school board approved $18,900.00 to Apptegy of Little Rock, Ark. for a new software upgrade to the school system website and to create a new app for smart phones.
• The school board approved the following field trips:
THS varsity baseball June 18-20 to a tournament in Atlanta, Ga.;
THS varsity and junior varsity volleyball teams July 12 and 13 to a camp in Albertville, Ala.;
THS varsity volleyball July 14 and 15 to a camp at Troy University.
• An addition to the 2021-2022 school calendar was approved. The Thomasville High School graduation will be held May 20, 2022.
• Math textbooks (K-12) from the state list were approved.
• The school district is expected to receive $2.294 million in new federal funding, Moss said. Twenty percent of that funding (approximately $460,000.00) must be used to address learning loss for students during the pandemic.
• The school district has received confirmation that SmartBank will provide financial loans for the long-planned energy saving project with Trane. The board will likely formally approve that financial agreement at the June 15 board meeting.