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The Fiscal Year 2014 Accountability Reports are available upon request.  These reports include Funding and Expenditures Reports by Fund Source, Cost Center and Program, School Safety and Discipline Reports.   Please contact Linda McGhee, Chief School Finance Officer, at or 334-636-9955.

Thomasville City Schools'  Graduation Rate Hits New High


The Graduation Rate for Thomasville City Schools is 95%!  The Alabama State Department of Education announced last week that the high school graduation rate in the State of Alabama had risen to a new record high of 86%. This is an increase of 14% since 2011. Thomasville's Graduation Rate, however, was 86% in 2013, six points above the State average. With the rise to 95% this year, Thomasville's graduation rate rose to 9 percentage points above the state's  average. 

Under the 2020 Plan, the state had calculated a yearly increase. The rise in scores, however, means the State is ahead of schedule on achieving its goal.  Superintendent, Tommy Bice, attributes the rise to schools using new, innovative ways to help students learn and having more flexibility in how they do that.

“We are absolutely delighted to see the graduation rate making these kinds of unprecedented gains," stated Bice. "It is the result of teachers focusing on identifying the specific needs of students, removing barriers to learning, and helping students meet their goals," said Bice. 

Locally, THS principal, Keith Jackson, praised both teachers and students. "The hard work and dedication of our teachers and students is what helped to raise the graduation percentage," stated Jackson. "Their attitude of 'failure is not an option' has really lent itself to this drastic increase." 

"This is great news for our students, parents, teachers, and the community of Thomasville," stated Dr. Vic Adkison, superintendent of Thomasville City Schools. "We are so proud of everyone that has worked together to help every child graduate and succeed in life."

A recent report commissioned by the Business Education Alliance, an independent organization, showed that reaching a 90% graduation rate by 2020 would have an economic impact on the state of $430 million greater that year than if the graduation rate remained at its current level. The State's having reached its goal earlier should have an immediate economic impact. Each class graduating at 90 percent would collectively earn $68 million more than a class graduating at the most recent graduation rate of 80 percent.

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