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August 25, 2015 School Board Meeting Agenda

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Parents - Please take a moment to complete the survey below by clicking on the link. Thank you!

2014-2015 Thomasville City Schools' Parent Survey 


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The Fiscal Year 2014 Accountability Reports are available upon request.  These reports include Funding and Expenditures Reports by Fund Source, Cost Center and Program, School Safety and Discipline Reports.   Please contact Linda McGhee, Chief School Finance Officer, at lmcghee@thomasvilleschools.org or 334-636-9955. 





To Promote Lifelong Learning




• Learning is the chief priority for our schools.

• Education is a partnership involving the home, the community, and our schools.

• Literacy skills are fundamental to student success.

• Individualized education promotes a lifelong desire to learn.

• Consistently enforced discipline promotes a safe, positive learning environment.



By providing the best education possible, the Thomasville City School System empowers students to become caring, competent, responsible citizens, who value education as a lifelong process.




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