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Parent/Student Laptop User Agreement Form


"First day of school" checklist

Here is a helpful checklist for students and parents: 

  1. Register. If you haven’t pre-registered your child yet, please do so before August 10th. 
  2. Get your schedule. Check with your child’s school to find out when you can meet the teacher(s) and/or pick up the fall semester schedule and pay any fees. Registration schedules are also on the school's website. 
  3. Dress your best. All Thomasville schools require students to wear uniforms. Check with your school for a list of what to wear or look on www.thomasvilleschools.org
  4. Shop for school supplies. School supply lists are in Thomasville stores and online. Alabama’s tax-free holiday for school supplies and clothes is Friday, August 7, through Sunday, August 9.
  5. Get shots. Make sure your child’s immunizations are up-to-date and bring a copy of the Blue Card to the school nurses. 
  6. Get on the right bus. Call 334-636-9955 before August 10th to make sure you know which bus your child should ride. Bus routes remain the same as last year. 
  7. Finish summer reading. Read the required summer reading books before school begins.  
  8. Get some sleep. Get into a regular school schedule early! Go to bed earlier and get up earlier to get yourself ready for school! 
  9. Eat lunch at school. Thomasville City Schools will again offer students breakfast and lunch. These are nutritious meals that feature fruits, vegetables, meats and whole-grains, as well as milk and juice. Menus and prices are in the Thomasville Times and on www.thomasvilleschools.org
  10. Work with your child's school. In Thomasville City Schools, we understand that every day you give us your most precious resource: your children. Our goal is to provide safe environments and high-quality learning experiences to prepare all of our children for life! Call us with any concerns or suggestions! Together, we can make this the best year ever for your child! 

TMS/THS Traffic Lanes = 1-2-3

Confused about three traffic lanes at TMS and THS? It's as easy as 1-2-3! 

1 = Bus lanes (Closest to schools!) NO Cars Here!
2 = Student drop-off lane.
3 = Exit lane to leave the campus.

Here's a brief explanation: There are 3 lanes for traffic at THS/TMS. Lane 1 is
closest to the schools and is for buses only. Please don't drive in this lane. 

Lane 2 is for student drop-off/pick-up. Once drivers drop off or pick up their
child, please merge slowly into LANE 3 to exit the campus. 

Lane 3 is only for flowing traffic leaving the campuses. Please don't
drop-off/pick-up in Lane 3. 

Remember 1-2-3! Drive CARE-FUL-LY! Watch for our children at all times!  

Keep Thomasville's children safe: Drive safely in the school zones
Thomasville City Schools start August 10th. Even though driving patterns for all three schools have not changed this year, traffic around the school zones will be heavy at both arrival and dismissal times. Drivers are urged to use patience and follow safe driving practices. 
Here are a few tips to help keep Thomasville's children safe: 
  • Avoid distractions while driving around school zones. Put away cell phones and pay close attention to what is happening. 
  • Slow down and obey all traffic laws and speed limits in school zones.
  • Comply with each school's drop-off and pick-up procedures for the safety of all children.
  • Stop to let children out only in designated areas at each school.
  • Watch for children in the crosswalk that crosses Gates Drive in front of TMS and THS. 
  • Watch for student drivers at all times.
  • Watch for children walking or biking to school. 
For 23.5 million students nationwide and 374,000 Alabama students, the school day begins and ends with a trip on a school bus. For students, the greatest risk is not in riding the bus, but in getting to the bus, entering it or leaving it. Motorists need to be aware of school buses at all times. 
  • Prepare to stop for a school bus when overhead yellow lights are flashing. Drive with caution when you see yellow hazard warning lights are flashing on a moving or stopped bus.
  • Stop for a school bus with its red overhead lights flashing. Drivers must not proceed until the school bus resumes motion, and the red lights stop flashing. 
  • Watch for children playing and gathering near bus stops. 
Parents who may have questions about traffic patterns at any of the three schools or 2015-2016 bus routes should call the schools before August 10th. By working together, everyone can help to keep Thomasville's children safe! 




Orientations 2015.2016

Pre-K and Kindergarten - August 3rd - 5:30

1st and 2nd Grades - August 4th - 5:30

3rd Grade - August 3rd - 6:30

4th grade - August 4th - 6:30


5th and 6th Grades - August 6th - 5:30

7th and 8th Grades - August 6th - 7:00


9th and 10th Grades - July 23 - 6:30

11th and 12th Grades - July 23 - 5:30


For more orientation information please check each schools individual webpage.



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2014-2015 Thomasville City Schools' Parent Survey 


2015 - 2016 TCS Calendar


The Fiscal Year 2014 Accountability Reports are available upon request.  These reports include Funding and Expenditures Reports by Fund Source, Cost Center and Program, School Safety and Discipline Reports.   Please contact Linda McGhee, Chief School Finance Officer, at lmcghee@thomasvilleschools.org or 334-636-9955. 





To Promote Lifelong Learning




• Learning is the chief priority for our schools.

• Education is a partnership involving the home, the community, and our schools.

• Literacy skills are fundamental to student success.

• Individualized education promotes a lifelong desire to learn.

• Consistently enforced discipline promotes a safe, positive learning environment.



By providing the best education possible, the Thomasville City School System empowers students to become caring, competent, responsible citizens, who value education as a lifelong process.




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