The Alabama State Report Card is designed so that the public can easily understand how schools are performing. The goals of the Alabama State Report Card are to show how schools are meeting goals and to make sure that schools are accountable for explaining that to their communities. 

The report cards for Thomasville City Schools, Thomasville Elementary School, and Thomasville High School can be accessed by clicking the links below.


TCS Education Report Card 2018-2019


TES Education Report Card 2018-2019 


THS Education Report Card 2018-2019

The Fiscal Year 2020 Accountability Reports are available to the media, parent organizations, and members of the Alabama Legislature.  

  • The Funding and Expenditure Reports by Fund Source, Cost Center, and Program are available at the below links.   

FY 2020 Accountability Report by Fund Source

FY 2020 Accountability Report by Cost Center

FY 2020 Accountability Report by Program

  • The School Safety and Discipline Report (SIR) is available at the below link.

2020 Student Incident Report