Laptop Troubleshooting

Desktop - Changing your screen saver

Desktop - Changing your desktop background

Mouse Settings - Making changes to your mouse

Notifications - Battery icons, wifi, etc. at bottom ofyour screen 

Sound - Troubleshooting  your audio

Sleep Mode - Changing when your laptop sleeps

Wifi - Troubleshooting your connection

Lock Screen - Changing laptop lock screen

Keyboard Properties

Power Options / Sleep Settings

Uninstalling a Program that YOU Installed

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word - Working with Tables

Microsoft Word - Making your font more attractive

Microsoft Word - Using the Insert Tab

Microsoft Word - Using the Home Tab

Microsoft Word - Using the Mailings Tab

Microsoft Word - Using the View Tab

Microsoft Word - Using the Review Tab

Microsoft Word - Using the Page Layout Tab

Microsoft One Note

Microsoft One Note - Getting started 

Microsoft One Note - Basics

Power Point

Power Point - Adding animations

Power Point - Backgrounds and Templates

Power Point - Using the Transitions Tab

Power Point - Using the Slide Show Tab

Power Point - Using the Insert Tab - Images Section

Power Point - Using the Insert Tab - Links, Comments & Text

Power Point - Home Tab - Paragraph Section

Power Point - More with Animations

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere - Adding Music 

Adobe Premiere - Adding Narration; Separating Audio from Video

Adobe Premiere - Getting Started; Saving & Sharing

Adobe Photoshop - Basics 

Google School

Google Sheets Basics

Google Slides Basics

Google Drive & Backing Up Your Files

Backing Up to Google Drive Video #2

Google Chrome - Changing your background in Google Chrome

Google Chrome - How to add bookmarks for your favorite sites

Google Chrome - How to change your Chrome settings

Google Docs Basics 

Gaggle School

Gaggle - Composing an email, adding attachments, and troubleshooting

Glogster Digital

Glogster - Using and Creating Text Boxes

Glogster - Adding Hyperlinks

Glogster - Adding Audio & Video

Glogster - Saving & Sharing

Website Builder

Creating a website at


Using Smart Spotlight

Using Smart Recorder

Basic Character Creation, Backgrounds, Text Boxes, etc. 

Adding Characters

Changing Characters

Tagxedo Word

Creating a Word Cloud

Voki Avatar

Voki Basics - Character Creation, Sound Files, Backgrounds, and More!

Wordle Word

Creating a Word Cloud