The governing body of Thomasville City Schools recognizes the resources of gifted learners and acknowledges its responsibility to meet the needs of these students. The Gifted Education Program (PEGASUS) operates under the auspices of the Special Education Department to challenge the kindergarten through grade twelve Thomasville Elementary, Middle, and High School identified gifted learners in the development of his/her full intellectual potential through differentiated instructional activities that are varied in depth, breath, complexity and pace.



  • In compliance with the State of Alabama, qualifications for classification as Gifted in Thomasville City Schools (grades K-12) requires that the student:

  • A. Obtain a full scale/composite IQ score at least 2 standard deviations above the mean on an individually administered test of intellectual abilities appropriately standardized on students of his/her age and administered by an Alabama licensed psychologist or psychometrist OR

  • B. Obtain a combined score of at least seventeen when scores are entered into the cells of the Standard Matrix for Eligibility Determination, at least two points of which are earned on the aptitude/intelligence tests.


  • Students may be referred to gifted services by parents, teachers, peers, or self.

  • Referral forms may be requested from the classroom teacher, school office secretary, Special Education office secretary or school counselor.

  • Upon completion, forms may be returned to either of the listed sources.

  • Students are eligible based on several different criteria: Intellectual ability, achievement test scores and or grades, classroom performance, and/or products that show task commitment, creativity and evidence of high levels of thinking.

The Gifted Learner ~ Referral Process

  • Referral

  • Academic Information collected by Special Education Office

  • Information surveyed for recommendation

  • Request for parent's permission

  • Administration of Intelligence Test

  • Eligibility determination

  • Parent notification of results

  • Placement if eligible

  • IEP

NOTE: All Second Graders enrolled in Thomasville City Schools are Screened for Gifted Behavior.

The Thomasville City Schools’ Gifted Program (PEGASUS) is associated with the South West Alabama Area Gifted Educators Society (SWAAGES), organized in 2003 by Ms. Cecilia Adams, Clarke County Schools.



           Intelligence and giftedness, the labels for high intelligence, have been defined in many ways.  Terman (1925) used the term intelligence to mean that which is measured by intelligence tests, and those who score in the upper 2% on such a test be spoken of as gifted.  Witty (1951) believed that giftedness needed no referent to intelligence but could be described as being possessed by those whose performance was consistently remarkable in any potentially valuable area.  According to Renzulli (1986) the purpose of special programs and services for high potential students is to develop gifted behaviors in well above ability students. Renzulli maintains that gifted behaviors result from developing creativity and task commitment in high ability students and bringing these behaviors to bear on specific areas of intense interest and involvement.


          The Federal definition as reflected in the Education Consolidation and Improvement Act (1981) and reflected in most of the state legislature for service to gifted students refers to gifted and talented children as,


 “Children who give evidence of high performance capability in areas such as Intelligence, creative, artistic, leadership capacity, or specific academic fields, and who require services or activities not ordinarily provided by the school in order to fully develop such capability.” (Sec.582)


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