Give your students a tool to really demonstrate and enhance their creativity. Animoto is a great tool to use to differentiate the way students present their work. 

  • Create customized avatars.

  • Add voice to your Voki avatars.

  • Post your Voki to any blog, website, or profile.

  • Take advantage of Voki's learning resources.

Classroom Application and Content Examples

  • Individual and Group Presentations

  • Student-Centered Projects

  • Teacher-Led Discussins

  • Whole Class Projects

ELL and World Languages:  students use their Voki to demonstrate proper pronunciation, language vocabulary, conjugation and sentence practice, etc.

  • ELA: 

    • Use Voki to have your students write and recite a poem

    • Use Voki to describe a character from novel or explain their motivation of their actions

  • Science: create a Voki to give directions on how to do a lab experiment

  • Social Studies:

    • Students create a Voki to represent a famous historical figure to explain who they are and what they did

    • Create Voki characters to have a historical debate on important subjects in history

    • Students create a Voki to explain the cause and effect of some historical events

  • Math:

    • Create an instructional Voki to remind your students the correct ways to solve a problem.

    • Students create and share Vokis to help other students solve a problem.

    • Students create Voki word problems and solve them in class


  • Application

  • Creating

  • Student-Centered 

  • Teacher-Centered

  • Collaboration

  • Presentation


Example #1:

Example #2:

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