Tools for creating slideshow type presentations:



Create dynamic slideshows combining photos, videos, text, and music. Use for timelines or storytelling. Built-in blog is an added feature. Also considered a social networking site.

Give your students a tool to really demonstrate and enhance their creativity. Animoto is a great tool to use to differentiate the way students present their work.

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software. In place of slides and bullet points (a la PowerPoint or Keynote), Prezi uses a “zoomable canvas” upon which concepts can be displayed.

Haiku Deck is a presentational software which allows students to be creative and innovative in how they display projects and presentations.

Create, share and explore amazing presentations.

Classroom Application & Content Examples

Capzles can be used by teacher to present lesson information to students through a station or flipped lesson. Teacher can guide students using it as a choice for class presentations.

With Capzles, the student has the ability to show in one place what they know, how they think it all relates to each other and their understanding of the information. This is especially beneficial in an inclusion classroom where many students are hesitant to stand up in front of the class. By allowing the student to combine the visual, the description and the presentation, it removes a barrier that might prevent them from doing their best.


  • Individual and Group Presentations

  • Student-Centered Projects

  • Teacher-Led Discussions

  • Whole Class Projects


Classroom Applications & Content Examples

Thoughts on using Prezi as a Teaching told through Prezi


Vote 2012-Obama vs Romney

The Magical Theory of Relativity

Student Presentation on Native Americans

Prezi Youtube Channel

Haiku Deck can be used as a presentational tool for students and teachers to give a more innovative and engaging presentation.

Users can share presentations with other users and borrow presentations as well. Quick and easy for students to use.

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