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Good Afternoon,

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your diligence in helping us with our Covid issues in our schools. Our numbers of positive students and self isolating students has drastically decreased over the last two weeks. I encourage you to continue to monitor your students and members of your household. If students are showing symptoms, please keep them at home so we do not needlessly expose others.

Beginning Monday (Sept. 20) at THS and TMS we will transition back to students being served lunch in the cafeteria instead of all of our lunches being prepackaged by our workers and carried to the classroom. TES will transition back with certain grades being served in the cafeteria to start with, and eventually, all of their students will be served in the cafeteria. We will continue this as long as we feel we can do it safely.

I appreciate all of you who reached out the last couple of days through the proper channels to voice your concern over some issues with our lunches. Please know that our ladies work very hard every day to provide the very best they can for our students. You should also be aware that menu changes may occur based on available food supply from our vendors.

Have a great day!

Garth Moss