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The following personnel actions were approved July 19 by the Thomasville City Board of Education:

Donna Calhoun, Special Education/Federal Programs Coordinator, retirement resignation, effective Oct. 1;

(employment in positions)
Tracy Amos, teacher at Thomasville Middle School;
William Wilson, teacher at TMS;
Shambria Holt, Child Nutrition Program (CNP) worker at Thomasville High School;
Kisha Webb, Parent Liaison at THS;
Chloe Rush Mason, teacher at Thomasville Elementary School;
Sarah Chelsea Morgan, teacher at TES;
Hunter Bennett, physical education teacher at TMS;
Monica McSween Williams, teacher at TES;
Harolyn Green, ESSER, class-size reduction teacher at TES;
JoAnn Smoot Bryant, ESSER, class-size reduction teacher;

(rescind employment)
LaBarry Jones, PE teacher at TMS;
LaKendrick Howard, custodian at TES;
Michael Brown, PE teacher at TES;

(voluntary transfers)
Allison Harris, voluntary transfer from teacher at TES, nine months, to teacher, nine months, at TMS, effective for the 2022-2023 school year;
Susan Fendley, voluntary transfer from teacher at TES, nine months, to teacher at TMS, nine months, effective for the 2022-2023 school year;

(employment in supplemental positions)
Terry Stifflemire, Director of Transportation and Bus Safety Services;
Randall Fullington, Athletic Director;
Lisa Fullington, Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor;
Jim Sims, TCS Attendance Coordinator;
Johanna McNair, Majorette Sponsor;
Luke Williamson, Percussion Instructor;
Jordyn Causey, Color Guard Sponsor;
Ross Bearden, Music Instructor
Stephen Nichols, Trumpet, High Brass, Loss Brass Instructor

(TEAMS contracts)
Cody Drinkard;
Stepheni Wright;
Sandra Shamburger;
Kim Stanley;
Lisa Fullington.
(School board Tiffany Rodgers-Shamburger abstained in the vote on the TEAMS contracts.)