School board meeting 7-25-2022

The Thomasville City Board of Education held a special called meeting on Monday, July 25 to approve personnel actions. The brief meeting was held in the Thomasville Elementary School Library.
The following personnel actions were approved:

(employment in positions)
Keali Deason, custodian at TES, 9.5 months;
Terrance Hyde, physical education teacher at TES, nine months, effective Aug. 3, 2022;

(voluntary transfers)
Jimmy Powell, voluntary transfer from Maintenance, 12 months, to career tech teacher at Thomasville High School, nine months, effective Aug. 3, 2022;

(additional compensation)
Jennifer Parten, special education teacher at TES, compensation for the additional special education services rendered in the absence of teacher on leave during the 2021-2022 school year;

(extended employment in temporary summer positions)
Temporary employment of the following individuals for assistance with custodial services extended Aug. 1, 2022, through Aug. 5, 2022:
R.J. Madison;
Patrick Smith;
Kendarius Howard;
Tyshawn Davis;
Aquantys Arnold.