Hunter Bennett

(Photo - Hunter Bennett has been named as the new head soccer coach at Thomasville High School.)

The following personnel actions were approved Aug. 23 by the Thomasville City Board of Education:

(rescind employment)
JoAnn Smoot Bryant – ESSER, Class-size Reduction Teacher at Thomasville Elementary School;
Harolyn Green, ESSER, Class-size Reduction Teacher at TES;
Tonya Shamburger, Child Nutrition Program worker at Thomasville High School;
Lisa Fullington, Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor at THS;
Dawn Gillis, Curriculum and Instruction Director (retirement resignation);
(employment in positions)
Whitney McDole, Special Education Teacher at THS;
Mallory Peyton Thompson, third grade ESSER, Class-size Reduction Teacher at TES;
(voluntary transfers)
Tommy Wilson, voluntary transfer from Maintenance/Transportation Utility Worker, 12 months, to Maintenance Facilities Manager, 12 months;
(change in contract job position)
Jimmy Powell, contract change from Agri-Science Teacher at THS, nine months, to Agri-Science Teacher at THS, 12 months;
(employment in supplemental positions)
Katherine Huggins, PowerSchool Help Desk and National Board Certification;
Clint Anderson, Head Football, Head Varsity Baseball, and Head JV Baseball Coach;
Russell Stephens, Assistant Football (OC), Head Wrestling, and Head Track Coach;
Cody Drinkard, Assistant Football (DC), and Head Golf Coach;
Adam Elliott, Assistant Football and Assistant Softball Coach;
John Phillips, Assistant Football and Assistant Baseball Coach;
Will Buford, Head Middle School Football, Head Middle School Basketball Coach, Assistant JV Baseball, and Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach;
Zackary Hodge, Assistant Middle School Football and Head Middle School Baseball Coach;
Elizabeth Ledkins, Varsity Cheerleader Coach;
Beth Williams, Middle School Cheer Coach;
Ashley Snow, Head Volleyball, Head Girls Basketball, and Assistant Track Coach;
Terrance Hyde, Assistant Volleyball and Assistant Soccer Coach;
Emily Harvell, Head Middle School Volleyball Coach;
Brad Elam, Assistant Principal and Assistant Wrestling Coach;
Randall Fullington, Head Boys Basketball Coach and Athletic Director;
Ryan Anderson, Assistant Varsity Football and Assistant Boys Basketball Coach;
Carmen Maness, Assistant Girls Basketball and Head Middle School Girls Basketball Coach;
Ross Bearden, Assistant Middle School Baseball Coach;
Robby Carpenter, Head Softball and Head JV Softball Coach;
Hunter Bennett, Head Soccer Coach;
Karen Dean, Drama and Choral;
Libby McKinley Gregory, Yearbook;
Katherine Sparks, Senior Sponsor;
Kelli Davis, Junior Sponsor;
Barry Hendrix, Webmaster;
Charlotte Parker, THS Assistant Principal;
Melisa Washington, TES Assistant Principal;
Ellen Pope, National Board Certification;
Kimberly Ramsey, National Board Certification;
LaKendrick Howard, THS/TMS basketball;
Carmen Maness, Varsity Cheerleaders;
Chelsea Smoker, Varsity Cheerleaders;
(leave requests)
Denise Garner, Child Nutrition Program Assistant at TES, Family Medical Leave;
(TEAMS contracts – final board approval)
Sandra Shamburger, pending state approval;
Cody Drinkard, pending state approval;
Stepheni Wright, pending state approval;
Kim Stanley, pending state approval;
Lisa Fullington, pending state approval.