Crest update

The Thomasville City Board of Education approved the Fiscal year 2023 budget Sept. 13 during the board’s regular meeting in the Thomasville High School library.

The budget was passed after the second public budget meeting was held as part of the board meeting.
The General Fund budget includes expenses totaling $12,087,485.85 and revenues totaling $11,407,388.55. Although the FY 2023 budget shows a deficit, in her budget report, Anjelica Gibson, Chief School Financial Officer, stated that “the current two-year trend is a ‘surplus’ balance for the General Fund.” Expected adjustments during the year should impact the General Fund balance in a positive way, she said.
The Thomasville school system will receive $6,983,624.00 of state Foundation Program funding. Approximately $627,200.00 is required from a local 10 mills of tax to be part of the Foundation program.
Anticipated local revenue include $100,00.00 from the Thomasville City Council, $550,000.00 from District Sales Tax, and $20,000.00 from District Alcohol Beverage Tax.
Projected enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year totals 1,052: 319 at Thomasville High School, 265 at Thomasville Middle School, and 468 at Thomasville Elementary School. Approximately 155 employees are featured in the school system.
An Average Daily Membership (ADM) is recorded in the 20 days after Labor Day, and the ADM will impact how much state funding the school system receives for the 2023-2024 school year. The Thomasville system is projected to have 26 fewer students in the 2022 ADM.
In other action from the Sept. 23, the board approved the school system’s participation in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) program, which will allow the schools to provide free breakfast and free lunch to all students.
Due to the percentage of families in the school district, who are eligible for free and reduced meals, the school system can participate in CEP. The program will reduce paperwork for parents and employees of the school system’s Child Nutrition Program (CNP). CEP will go into effect on Oct. 1.
A board work session was held before the regular meeting to discuss the CEP.

• The following personnel actions were approved Sept. 13 by the Thomasville City Board of Education:
(Employment in Supplemental Positions)
James Boyett, Band Director;
(Voluntary Transfers)
Patricia Knight, voluntary transfer from TCS Gifted Teacher, 10 months, to Federal Programs and Curriculum/Instruction Coordinator, 12 months, effective Oct. 3;
(Reassignment in Positions)
Kathryn Council, reassign from TCS Psychometrist, 10 months, to TCS Psychometrist and Special Education Coordinator, 12 months, effective Oct. 3.

• The board approved changes to the 2022-2023 Parent/Student Handbook in relation to placing students in alternative school.
• The 2022-2023 Five-Year Capital Plan was approved. The local school system must provide a local match of $32,724.00 for the Capital Plan.
• The board approved an out-of-state and overnight field trip for the school system’s Gifted program June 5-10, 2023, to Las Vegas, Nev.
• An out-of-state and overnight field trip was approved for the THS baseball team April 14 and 15, 2023, to Atlanta, Ga.
• The next meeting of the school board will be held at 5 p.m. on Oct. 25 in the THS library.